Ad Van Marketing in Magherafelt

Ad Van Marketing in Magherafelt

We can organise marketing through ad vans which create exposure for your company as they drive around the country showcasing the brand.

Advertising Vans Service in Magherafelt

Advertising Vans Service in Magherafelt

Putting your company branding and adverts onto a van is a great way to increase visibility of your services to other motorists and pedestrians.

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Ad Van Marketing

There are many forms of marketing, and in a world where millions of brands are competing at all times to get their name, logo or message in front of consumers, it can seem as though it’s impossible to get your voice heard. But don’t despair!

If you’re looking for something to really make your brand stand out amongst the noise but remain targeted and low-cost in its marketing efforts, speak to the PromoMEDIA team about testing out using advertising vans, or ‘ad vans’ as they’re known.

What is an Ad Van?

An ad van is a branded van that drives around as a form of transit advertising – but takes your brand messaging to consumers rather than waiting for them to come to you. An ad van is usually manned by a single driver and carries a branded portable billboard on the back of it, which can be viewed from either side of the vehicle.

Ad vans are extremely popular amongst businesses looking to target a particular local area, or who looking to make an impact in a way that distinguishes them from their competitors. Ad vans grew to mainstream popularity in the US in the 1980s and 90s, but with the advent of online advertising, their popularity has waned. Don’t be mistaken into assuming that anything offline (or out-of-home, as marketers call it) is outdated though – now that so much is done online only, taking your messaging out of mainstream channels and into a new space is a fantastic way to demonstrate your brand’s uniqueness… you just don’t follow the status quo like everyone else!

Benefits of Ad Van Advertising

Ad vans are hugely beneficial for brands all over the world, for a myriad of reasons.

Specific Geographic Area Targeting - ad vans usually service and travel around a locality specified by the brand licensing the advert. This may be the local area within which their product or service is offered, or an event happening that is likely to attract their target customer.

If you’re not a brand that only services a specific region or area geographically, don’t panic: ad vans can still work for you. Audience demographics can be researched into as part of a wider customer and market research piece, and the PromoMEDIA team are able to help you conduct this research and draws insights and intelligence from it – just let us know, and we’ll get to work!

The Opportunity for Guerilla Marketing - ad vans drive on public roads and so there’s lots of places that can be targeted that may otherwise be expensive to advertise at or within. Festivals, exhibitions and large events can all charge tens of thousands of pounds in sponsorship and marketing costs, but with some clever ‘guerilla marketing’ targeting, you can make your brand messaging visible at these events without the hefty pricetags.

Driving or parking ad vans around these events can expose audiences to your branding without being officially involved or endorsed. The costing is considerably cheaper and as a fresh approach, your branding is much more likely to be recognised and celebrated – for doing something different and innovative, and not being slotted in amongst all the other exhibitors and logos in such a crowded marketplace! Standing out is a good thing: so take advantage and thing about ‘doing different’.

Easy to amend - traditional advertising in print and online is often made live for a set period of time and cannot be edited or changed once ‘up’. Ad vans, however, can be dressed and re-dressed as many times as you like, with their destinations changed or messaging accompanied by other promotional activity as much or as little as you like.

Ad Van Advertising Prices

The cost of hiring an ad van relies on many different factors, including the duration of hire, the transport requirements (do you want it to drive/just be parked somewhere?) and size of the vehicle and its billboard. There may also be additional costs such as congestion charging or toll road fees to consider; but here at Billboard Advertising we’re very upfront about all charges.

Using our unbeatable strategic partnerships with ad van firms the length and breadth of the country, we’re able to negotiate fantastic deals entirely bespoke to your business and its marketing requirements. If you have a set budget, challenge us to meet it – we will, and we’ll surpass your expectations on delivery!

Digital Advertising Vans

Digital ad vans are growing in popularity and are particularly amenable to ‘on-the-spot’ messaging and branding changes. Should you wish to try out a digital ad van for a video or moving message, or to see how it fares with your audience compared to more traditional ad van options, we’re able to provide these for you in major cities around the UK (with, of course, the ability for them to travel elsewhere!).

Should you be looking for the design of your ads; be them traditional billboard poster ads or digital options with video and/or moving parts; the PromoMEDIA team are able to help facilitate and create that too! Hosting an end-to-end service, we can see your ad van marketing campaign come to fruition from conception all the way through to monitoring, analysing and reporting on the end results. You can truly be assured to stand out from the crowd and, in particular, your competitors.

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The Billboard Advertising team are always open to new challenges and taking on ideas to make a reality when it comes to marketing and communications. You can call or e-mail to discuss your concepts, budgets or ideas – and we’ll offer support, advice and facilitation for businesses of all shapes, sizes and types. Even if an ad van is just one part of your planned marketing activity, or indeed just something you’re considering, get in touch and let’s start exploring options – there’s a lot to be done and we treat every business as a true individual, idiosyncrasies, brand quirks and all!


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