Advertising on Billboards

Advertising on Billboards

We provide billboard and outdoor advertising to promote products, businesses and services to targeted audiences. Contact us today for FREE quotes and advice on all forms of outdoor media advertising.

Types of Billboard Advertisements

Types of Billboard Advertisements

As outdoor marketing specialists, we offer a range of different outdoor ad types at cost effective prices. We book both local and national outdoor advertising campaigns for a range of clients working to a variety of budgets.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Our professional team can discuss costs and locations of your billboard campaigns to get the most effective return on investment for your brand, achieving excellent results wherever you are.

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Billboard Advertising

Welcome to Billboard Advertising. We're a professional outdoor advertising agency offering different types of billboards and other popular forms of out-of-home advertising to promote a huge variety of businesses, events and products. 

Our experienced teams work with a variety of different-sized companies from various industries and sectors every day. We are therefore able to work with any size budget, coming up with creative solutions and a wide range of options so that you achieve your individual outdoor marketing ambitions, whatever they may be.

At Billboard Advertising we work hard to achieve superb results for our clients working tirelessly to secure top local and iconic national billboards - all at brilliant rates. Our aim is simple; to place all your outdoor adverts Where You Want Them, When You Want Them. 

So, whether you are looking for local billboard advertising or a national billboard campaign, which could include truck adverts, bus stop ads, phone box advertising or indeed anything else, simply contact our team today.

Our teams are looking forward to helping you achieve your outdoor advertising ambitions, ultimately seeing your business grow and public awareness increase. So, unleash the power of outdoor media today with Billboard Advertising, we look forward to hearing from you and promise to make the process simple and easy.

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Types of Billboard Advertising Available

When contacting us most people are unsure as to which types of outdoor advertising will be most suitable for them and their needs. If this is you, don't worry! We can advise you based on what you are looking to achieve, your time scale and your budget.

Also, where you are looking to advertise can influence which type of outdoor advert is going to be the most suitable; different types of billboards can be more effective in certain areas of the country, again we can advise you on this. 

As mentioned, when looking to embark on a billboard advertising campaign there are lots of types of outdoor media options to consider - all of which we can book for you and secure at the best rates. 

The most popular types of outdoor media available are listed below, however, for more specific information (including billboard advertising costs) just follow by clicking one the below to the bespoke pages or simply drop us a message and we can chat through them over the phone or via email:

If, however, after reading these you are uncertain of the best type of out-of-home adverts for you and your individual marketing needs, we can also email over examples should you require these. We supply standard printed options as well as digital billboard options. 

Don't forget that all the quotes we supply are FREE and we strive to work with any budget; so, there is nothing to lose from an initial enquiry!

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Local Billboard Advertising

Local billboard advertising is hugely popular with both local companies promoting goods, local services and events, as well as national and international brands wishing to market their products across the country to a wider audience. As well as static billboards we also offer digital billboard advertising. 

Advertising in this way is one of the oldest in the world - initially starting with people painting on the sides of buildings to the bright digital options that are available today. There is a huge range of options to consider when looking to carry out this form of proven and effective marketing, with options to suit most budgets. 

Local billboards are often positioned in areas of high footfall so that they are able to reach a great cross-section of society, such as:

  • Shopping areas
  • High-streets
  • Round-abouts
  • Train stations
  • Bus stops
  • Roadsides

National Outdoor Advertising

At Billboard Advertising we also work with local, national and international companies who are looking for nationwide outdoor campaigns to promote themselves to a broad audience; those who are really looking to expand and have maximum reach. 

If this is of interest to your company contact us today and tell us which areas you are looking to target. We can get availability in a variety of formats and locations all over the UK to suit your needs.

The most popular form of national outdoor campaigns we work with includes the following outdoor media:

If a national outdoor advertising campaign is of interest contact us today for more information about the locations you are looking to target, and we will be in touch with a number of suitable options and free quotes. 

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Billboard Advertising Costs UK

As you can imagine “how much does a billboard ad cost” or “how much do billboards cost” are the two most common questions we get asked.

To be honest there aren’t standard costs for advertising on billboards and it is based on a number of factors. 

The most significant variables which may affect a billboard advertising cost include the below:

  1. The type of billboards you wish to purchase.
  2. The location of them.
  3. Duration you want them up for.
  4. Whether you are looking for a local or national campaign.
  5. The size - bigger billboards generally cost more than smaller ones, whilst adverts in areas with high footfall are typically more expensive. Both of these, however, have more impact, so you need to weigh up the benefits against the cost.

Being aware of these factors will allow you to make informed decisions about booking what is right for you.

For more detailed information about billboard costings, contact us directly or you can read our costs page which goes into more specialist and professional detail. 

The Benefits of Billboard Adverts in Targetting Your Customers With Local Advertising

The main benefits of billboard advertising in our opinion are: 

  1. Getting your message and brand seen by thousands, in some cases millions of people.
  2. Cost-effective - billboard advertising costs are a cheap form of advertising.
  3. Proven form of marketing.
  4. Available in some form all over the UK.
  5. Cross-industry effective.
  6. Can work on a variety of budgets.

We will put together a bespoke billboard advertising campaign whatever your needs and budget to hit your target audience.

Poster Sizes Available for Out-of-Home Advertisements - Roadside Billboards

At Billboard Advertising we purchase a full range of outdoor ads for our clients in a number of different sizes depending on their industry, messaging and budgets. 

The most popular size of poster and billboard ads that we deal with are below: 

We can, however, arrange the printing and distribution of smaller posters - A3 and A4 - to compliment any campaign. We often recommend this so that you have great exposure in the locations you are targetting. 

For a full breakdown of billboard sizes and full technical specifications - everything from a 96 sheet billboard to a small poster - please read this page which has more information. 

Billboard Advertising Companies - Why Choose Us?

There are lots of outdoor marketing companies around, however, we believe we stand out from the crowd and from the other outdoor advertising agencies for these main reasons:

  1. We have an excellent team of passionate and highly experienced outdoor media buyers and advertising agencies who have existing relationships in place with top outdoor media suppliers (such as Clear Channel and Primesight) meaning we can secure fantastic outdoor media options at top prices.  
  2. We are focused on our clients; we believe you are the most important people.  
  3. We are a group of independent outdoor media planners and we importantly aren’t “wedded" to one supplier or company. We can, therefore, offer impartial advice, rather than encouraging to you buy our own billboards; this impartiality we feel is key to a successful and balanced campaign.
  4. We keep it simple - other top advertising agencies can make the process seem complicated and full of availability spreadsheets, options and more. Our aim is to make the process simple and stress-free for you.

We believe that our job is simple, to look after and accommodate your billboard advertising needs so that you can focus on running your business! We help local businesses as well as national ones in major cities across the UK to drive brand awareness.

We can also help with billboard design so you can create something eye-catching for your audiences. 

If you like the sound of us and our direct approach to working, please drop us a message as we'd love to help your business move to the next level with effective advertising options. 

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What Makes the Best Outdoor Advertising Campaigns?

At Billboard Advertising we believe that the key to the best and most successful outdoor advertising campaigns is achieved through an awareness of the two main following points:

  • Knowing your target market - think of who they are, what they do in their spare time etc. This is key to identifying which billboards are going to get their attention and make your campaign a success. 

To be clear, you need to know your target audience clearly before embarking on a successful outdoor advertising campaign otherwise your return won’t be as good.

  • Artwork - we believe it is vital to catch attention with your outdoor ad, showing potential customers what your company is straight away with clear and direct messaging. This is because people are often busy when they walk by or are exposed to billboards (e.g. in busy shopping areas, walking on the street, on their phones, driving cars etc) so make sure you stand out and grab attention with concise and relevant messaging. Don't be missed!

UK Outdoor Advertising Overview & History

Outdoor advertising in the UK is a form of marketing that has been popular for centuries and is something that continues to evolve and develop. From initial paintings on the side of buildings to the vibrant digital options available today, UK outdoor advertising and billboard advertising has never stood still and is more popular than ever before with a full range of advertisers. 

Cost-effective and eye-catching, outdoor media has developed over time and types of billboard advertising now encompass everything from roadside boards through to football pitch adverts - almost wherever you turn you will see out-of-home marketing in action. This is why it is so effective. 

At Billboards Advertising we cater for and secure all types of out-of-home media, locating and purchasing these sites for your requested time scales (typically a minimum of 2 weeks but most campaigns run longer). We buy these sites either directly with the media owners, whether large well-known and brilliant billboard companies such as ClearChannel, Exterion or Primesight or small private owners should that be suitable for your campaign.

Combination Marketing for Your Business or Company

Outdoor marketing and billboards advertising is a superb way of grabbing the attention of potential consumers across the UK. However, should you wish to compliment your outdoor adverts with other forms of marketing such as TV, radio, newspaper ads etc we have contacts at our sister agency, the leading ad agency PromoMedia who we can put you in contact with, should you wish to complement your outdoor advertising with these more traditional marketing methods. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Advertising

  1. I am looking to advertise my business in order to reach new people and customers, do you do digital billboards as well as standard printed billboard adverts?”. Yes, as well as normal billboards we have a large number of digital billboards across the UK to reach out to new or existing customers, with whatever business, company or brand you are promoting. Simply let us know which location you are looking to promote in, an idea of your budget and we’ll email you with more information and a range of ooh (out of home) options to consider.
  2. We only have a small budget to advertise our company, do you need a large number of billboards to make an impact?”. Not necessarily, having a large or even many billboards doesn’t mean that they are better or superior to a smaller version. A small billboard in a great location with high footfall - which is seen by many people – can often be more effective in getting your message across. When contacting us give us more information on your company or brand, we will then make suggestions to suit your aims and ambitions – these could be digital ooh options, buses, motorway ads or more – whatever we think is the best way to advertise your brand effectively and get you a good return on investment.
  3. "How much does billboard advertising cost UK?" It depends on location, type of billboard, time of year, length of the cycle. It's best to contact us for an exact figure. Whatever business you are in, billboard adverts are great in raising brand awareness at a great cost. 
  4. We are launching a new brand and need help to get the word out there, there are so many established brands out there, how do we stand out?”. The million-dollar question! We think a balanced and well-structured advertising campaign over a period of time is always the best approach. Some brands like to dominate a certain type of ooh media, for example, they will take a full fleet of buses. Others believe a cross-section of options is better so that you may be seen at a train station, on a bus, digital ads, underground options etc. Basically, whatever you need we can help and it’s always best to chat these through so we can put something bespoke together. Get in touch today and we can take you through the options. 
  5. How effective is billboard advertising and outdoor advertising for a local business? We would say, very! It has stood the test and continues to offer a fantastic return on investment, which is the reason it is used by leading brands and companies across the world. 
  6. How much does advertising cost on a billboard? It depends on various factors including location, time of year, size of billboard and length of the cycle. 
  7. What is the main purpose of billboard advertising? To increase sales, raise brand awareness, reassure existing customers and engage with new ones. it is one of the most successful forms of out-of-home advertising. Send us a message for more info. 

Next Step With Your Billboard Ads, Traditional Billboards and Mobile Billboards

When you contact us, tell us the locations and areas of the billboard adverts you are looking to advertise on and if possible give us an idea of your budget. This will allow us to present you with outdoor media options which are suitable for you from the start. Whatever you are looking to advertise billboard adverts are often a great starting point in raising brand awareness and profile. 

Based on your enquiry and the information provided, we'll then speak to you to chat about your aims and ambitions. Following that we will source the best outdoor sites in your area, securing top rates and positioning, so that you gain maximum and appropriate exposure and achieve the results you want. 

However, if there is a specific billboard (billboard ad) or site you are interested in, let us know and we will do our best to secure this site for you as well. 

We have billboards cost options to suit all businesses. 

As a specialist outdoor advertising agency, we'll listen and work together with you to put together a distinctive and effective local billboard advertising plan to help achieve your marketing aims and ambitions - whatever they may be! 

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If you are interested in the services we offer at Billboard Advertising and would like to see your company, product or business promoted locally or nationally via cost-effective outdoor advertising options contact us today. 

Simply fill in the contact form today and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more details.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to secure your billboards Where You Want Them, When You Want Them! 

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