Motorway Advert Specialists in Balnain

Motorway Advert Specialists in Balnain

Motorway advertising is an effective yet often underused form of outdoor marketing. If this is of interest to you, simply drop us a message today.

Motorway Billboards in Balnain

Motorway Billboards in Balnain

There are a range of styles, location and sizes of motorway adverts for you to consider. For a breakdown and more information contact us today.

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Motorway Advertising in Balnain

Advertising along motorways and major roads in the UK is a marketing medium that can be successful and effective in promoting messages in both the commercial and public service sectors.

Motorway advertising in Balnain is often an overlooked form of roadside advertising, but this form of billboard advertising is a popular and growing form of outdoor advertising media with a range of diverse advertisers employing it. The success and impact of motorway advertising is proven.

This means you’ll find motorway advertising used by international car companies and national brands (as people who use motorways can literally be travelling anywhere across the UK) as well as more local businesses based in that particular region.

Roadside advertising boards are seen not just by those driving, but also by passengers in cars too and options for motorway advertising typically include standard billboard ads such as 48 sheets and 96 sheets, as well as more bespoke roadside banner advertising options and eye-catching outdoor advertising boards in key positions.

When travelling by road, there is little to focus on (apart from the road) and so drivers and passengers are often receptive to brand messaging they’re exposed to during car journeys. This is why roadside advertising in general (and particularly motorway advertising) is both effective and popular across different business sectors. 

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A recommended minimum spend is around £2000 to have a decent impact. 

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What is Motorway Advertising?

Motorway advertising refers to billboards (either made up of traditional poster-board or digital options) stationed along motorways or traffic routes to attract the attention of potential customers. These large advertising billboards are usually located along routes of high traffic and are often placed in fields in order to generate extra income for farmers or landowners.

Motorway billboards may also be placed at service stations, roundabouts or on the side of buildings or structures.

Also included in the term ‘motorway advertising’ is portable motorway advertising screens, which are affixed to vehicles and driven around busy routes to gain exposure from drivers and passengers whilst ‘on the move’. These advertising trailers are less common but can still be found in the UK, sometimes these are referred to as trailer adverts or trailer advans (but come under the definition of trailer advertising).  

The impact of motorway billboard advertising has long been successful and continues to be today, it is one of the most popular forms of national outdoor advertising we deal with at Billboard Advertising. If advertising on the UK motorway network is of interest to you please contact our friendly teams today for free quotes.

The Benefits of Motorway Advertising

The main benefits of motorway advertising include: 

  • Wide and quick audience reach - motorway advertising billboards and advertising trailers placed along roadsides are a great marketing medium for reaching a mass audience quickly and are always ‘on’; 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.
  • Targetted - motorway advertising trailers and key billboards can be also targeted to best reach your required or desired audience segment along certain routes or in preferred locations.
  • Volume - at the same time, the sheer volume of traffic and people who see this type of outdoor advertising media means you can hit a broad range of people. This exposure means that motorway advertising offers a fantastic return on investment.

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Cost of Motorway Advertising

As a still under-used marketing channel, motorway billboard advertising costs are fairly low compared to other channels in the out-of-home marketing sector. 

There are some fee variables to take into account when considering motorway marketing; 

  1. Whether you choose a national outdoor advertising or localised billboard advertising campaign – a national outdoor advertising campaign is obviously more expensive but will have greater exposure. 
  2. Locations - the geographic location will also impact the costs, with busier routes and locations costing more, and quieter rural areas costing less. Sometimes service station roundabouts are also good options. 
  3. Size - the size of the motorway billboard should also be considered, and these are more variable than traditional billboards: spanning from anything poster-sized right up to giant 96-sheet adverts. 
  4. Timing - the campaign time period placement also needs to be factored in – the longer your roadside advertising banner campaign lasts, the more expensive it is.

As with all forms of billboard advertising, different advertising firms charge different fees, dependent on their available placements and the number of adverts that a business chooses to place. This is a hassle we will take out of your hands right from the off at Billboard Advertising; negotiating and managing the numerous advertising company relationships for you and giving you one price to cover everything rather than having you pay various invoices for different amounts on different dates to different businesses. We will take care of it all!

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Roadside Advertising Tips - Messaging and Target Audience

Understanding your target market and shaping your marketing messaging and strategy around them is key when it comes to brand, product and service awareness. The Chartered Institute of Marketing says that putting the customer at the heart of everything you do is the key to successful communications and promotions, and at Billboard Advertising we agree!

When travelling, particularly for prolonged periods of time, passengers are likely to become bored or restless and their attention will wander. This is the ideal time to convey brand messaging to them, as they are open-minded and in need of a distraction. National outdoor advertising (sometimes known as OOH, Out-Of-Home advertising) is therefore often welcomed rather than rebuffed.

Because of this, motorway advertising is more likely to reinforce the positive perception of a brand and to have a positive effect on the consumer’s impression of it. Consumers are also more likely to be able to recall your advert, and more likely to take action from it. Motorway advertising is one of the fastest-growing sectors as the ads can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people at a different point on the UK motorway network. 

Any call to action should be concise and clear of course, as people are often travelling at speed, they don’t have much time to see and read them. So make sure to get to the point with a clear message or brilliant image.

Contact us today via the form on this page and our team at Billboard Advertising will call you to discuss this effective form of roadside advertising, as well as helping ensure your advert catches the eye and communicates effectively to those seeing it.

Motorway Advertising Options in Balnain

It can be difficult to identify and find out about the various options when it comes to motorway advertising, as this is a severely underused marketing channel and one that is often managed through strategic business relationships rather than just ad sales. Working with us, you’re guaranteed a strong campaign targeted correctly placed where and when you need it, to increase positive awareness and perception of your brand, product and service, with it being seen by numerous '000 vehicles a day

We will identify your options and make recommendations for the best placements to give you a top-notch return on marketing investment. The main motorway advertising options are: 

  1. Adverts at the side of the road
  2. Adverts on bridges
  3. Advans
  4. Advertising on trucks and lorries

As billboard experts, we can nurture your marketing campaign from vision to reality, planting your message along the motorways and major roads of Great Britain to increase your brand awareness and successfully communicate your brand messages to your target audience. Advertising is one way to make sure you get seen and heard. Whether you’re a small local business looking to signpost within an individual location, or a national brand looking for a large awareness campaign, we’re here to work with – and not just for – you and your company. 

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Our media specialists can put together the most suitable method for your campaign and assist you in choosing the best motorway advertising in Balnain to promote your products or services to your target audience. Being a first-rate impartial conventional marketing agency, our key goal is to give you the best ROI using relevant and effective highway advertising.

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