Billboards for Sale in Balfield

Billboards for Sale in Balfield

We buy and sell billboard and advertising opportunities across the UK, for more information drop us a message today.

Billboard Planning Permission in Balfield

Billboard Planning Permission in Balfield

You will need to get planning permission before erecting any out of home adverts. You should always check with local authorities before constructing anything.

Buying Billboard Advertising in Balfield

Buying Billboard Advertising in Balfield

We can sell you billboard advertising space all across the UK to business that are looking to promote in new ways.

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Billboards For Sale UK in Balfield

Billboard advertising is a popular marketing choice with organisations and business due to its geographical targeting capabilities and low cost per viewer/exposure, meaning that it achieves a great return on investment in most marketing campaigns. 

At Billboard Advertising UK we are often looking to buy new billboards throughout the UK, however, we are not at the moment. 

We like to own billboards in a range of geographical locations and have a strong nationwide portfolio, this allows us to support those who wish to advertise through us with a variety of options and sizes. We also occasionally sell some of our existing billboards.

If you are a billboard owner or are looking to buy or sell a billboard on a permanent basis, contact us today. 

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Billboards Planning Permission

If you are looking to build or erect a new billboard in the UK you will need to follow guidelines as outlined in this official document - Planning Permission PDF, this contains current information for outdoor advertisement signs and the rules & regulations regarding them. These may differ in specific locales so we advise always checking with your local authorities. 

The PDF aims to explain how the procedure of outdoor advertisements works specifically in England. It consists of rules made by the Secretary of State, who is part of the planning control system. The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2007 has been in force since 6 April 2007.

Throughout England, local planning authorities in Balfield are responsible for the day-to-day operation of advertisement control, and thus deciding whether a particular outdoor advertisement should be permitted or not. The local planning authority will normally be the district council, the County Council or the London Borough Council (if you live in the Greater London area).

You should always consult the relevant authorities before trying to put up a billboard or outdoor advert. 

How Do I Sell My Gable End For Advertising?

If you have a gable end terrace or gable end house on a busy road, or an area that gets a lot of footfall and passing traffic, then this is often ideal to sell or hire, and have it fitted with an advertising hoarding. You can then hire it out yourselves, sell to a billboard company or rent it out per annum to a marketing company.

Why We Invest in Billboards?

The reason we invest in purchasing billboards in Balfield is that since the revelation of digital billboards this form of advertising has seen a resurgence in popularity, read more here - Revenue in Billboards.

The location of a billboard is key because it needs footfall and traffic to be worth investing in, basically, the bigger the footfall the more profitable a site will be. 

Another success story is covered here - Making Money With Billboards:

"Billboards have become one of the strongest media options for advertisers, whereas just a decade ago, it was considered the weak sibling to television, radio and newspapers. The advent of the internet destroyed those giants, but left billboards unscathed."

How to Sell Billboard Space Yourself

For billboard owners, the best and most simple way to sell advertising space in Balfield is to place an ad on the billboard itself. If your location is prime, this may be all you need to do, basically place your phone number and contact details on the ad and let people know space is up for sale.

You can also contact local businesses and let them know you have an idle billboard that would be perfect for their outdoor advertising needs.

Some advertisers would prefer to purchase a number of billboards countrywide to keep their message in the public eye. Do you have the capacity to do this? If not, are there other billboard advertising companies you can partner with to fulfil the wishes of the client? Keep in touch with other professionals in the field and work out agreements in the event that such a scenario occurs.

Starting Your Own Outdoor Advertising Company

There is nothing more important than having background knowledge of the business you want to operate. Conducting the research helps you to discover how the nitty-gritty of the ‘hows,’ ‘whats’, and ‘whys’ of the business.

Who are the big and small players? What and how do they do what they do that makes them big or small?

A business plan helps you navigate. The plan should contain details of the business idea, vision, mission, core values and so on. Here is a great guide to starting up an out of home advertising agency -  Starting Billboard Business - in the UK. 

If you are starting your own outdoor agency like this we wish you lots of luck. 

Choosing Which Advertising Hoarding Sites To Buy

When looking for advertising hoarding sites for sale in Balfield you really need to be doing your homework on the location. Your research will show you the demographics of the area, which could be heavily populated by students, elderly, rich or poor. This will determine which adverts would work best for you.

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