Taxi Advertisements in Boyton

Taxi Advertisements in Boyton

Taxi advertising is an affordable and popular option with many, offering great return on investment and lots of different options. For more information, drop us a message today.

Costs of Taxi Adverts in Boyton

Costs of Taxi Adverts in Boyton

Different factors can affect the costs of advertising on taxis, including location, length of cycle and number of vehicles. For more information contact us today.

Black Cab Advertising in Boyton

Black Cab Advertising in Boyton

Black cabs already stand out from other vehicles on the road and when carrying marketing messages than can be very impactful and successful.

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Taxi Advertising in Boyton

Taxi advertising is popular across the UK with a range of companies and industries as a cost-effective and proven form of advertising. 

Advertising your brand, product or service on or in a taxi allows you to cover a large area; both in terms of geographical location and also by hitting a mass audience that will be able to see and engage with your marketing.

Taxis are a key part of the transport mix in all major cities and towns and are designed to be easily seen so that they can be hailed quickly and easily. Black cabs already stand out from other vehicles on the road due to their shape and size, but a taxi wrapped in advertising stands out even further from others in a rank, queue or just in traffic.

Quirky, eye-catching and popular, taxis are a great way to advertise brands, products and services of all shapes and sizes to the general public. As a professional taxi advertising agency in Boyton we can arrange taxi and black cab marketing to promote your business. Contact us today for more information and free quotes. 

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What is Taxi Advertising?

The term ‘Taxi Advertising’ primarily refers to wrapping the exterior of a taxi in an advert, to change its appearance and make it the private transport equivalent of a driving billboard. The wrapping can take the form of just external advertising boards across the bonnet, doors or boot, or be a whole wrap that covers the car completely.

Normally made of vinyl, these are printed with your advert specially designed on them and then applied directly across the paintwork and cut to allow the doors, windows, mirrors and all functions to still work.

When done correctly and creatively the results of taxi adverts create a bold and eye-catching advertising campaign that really makes the vehicle stand out amongst other vehicles.

Taxi advertising also includes the use of posters on the back of the seats and on walls inside the taxis, as well as in-cab digital screen marketing where these are fitted on the back of seats.

Other options include the ability to directly send taxi users messages to their mobile devices (in 4G-capability vehicles) and branding receipts given by taxi drivers (although, of course, not everyone using a taxi will opt for a receipt).

In most cases, advertising within and upon a taxi can only happen for those fully registered with the relevant local authorities – so companies such as Uber and Lyft are exempt and do not allow such marketing opportunities.

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Black Cab Advertising

The London Black Cab is a worldwide symbol of Britishness, although, despite popular misconception, you’ll find them all over the UK and not just in the capital. As commercialism has grown, more of these of taxis have evolved from plain black exteriors to bright and bold coloured taxis featuring brand messages and marketing.

If you would like to carry out advertising on black cabs, as per the image below, contact us today. 

Why use Taxi Advertising?

There are many benefits to using local taxi fleets to advertise, and they can really bring to life your marketing messages.

It’s a great value option, particularly when you allow our team to negotiate deals for the design, wrapping and placement; and one that will fit nicely into your existing marketing mix. It can complement or contrast with your existing advertising campaigns and if done creatively, can even contribute to it with fresh and unique messaging.

The adaptability of taxi advertising allows for a great range of options, meaning there’s something to suit all budgets and tastes.

Even the smallest of brands can enjoy a new advertising medium without breaking the bank!

Benefits of Taxi Advertising

Household names across the globe use taxi ads to promote their products and services, and when you can see the benefits of this out-of-home marketing medium, you’ll want to too!

The main benefits include: 

  • Mass Marketing - taxis aren’t the most popular form of transport, but they’re seen everywhere – and even those who don’t use them see them out and about. This allows your branding to be seen by tens of thousands of people daily without you paying per click-through, impression or per TV second. It’s a marketing medium that achieves mass results but without the hefty cost.
  • Stand-Out - a Black Cab’s an icon, but in a queue or in traffic, it doesn’t do much to stand out. A wrapped cab catches the eye and the cleverer the advertising, the longer it will linger. This means that consumers are more likely to choose a taxi with marketing on the side of it to travel in.
  • Premium spend method - taxis are rarely cheap but are used by a wide variety of people. Those using taxis are often forking out for a premium spend that they wouldn’t normally, so communicating branding to them while they’re making purchasing decisions and are willing to spend money is a powerful time to communicate.
  • Key area presence - taxis naturally target areas of high footfall – train and bus stations, busy commercial areas, bustling events and tourist hotspots. Even when returning from a fare, drivers will tend to take main roads and routes to allow them to be seen and, therefore, to pick up more passengers. This means that even where you may find your brand is priced out from advertising on traditional billboards in an area, taxis can still work for you. 
  • Targeting - most local cabs don’t often drive further afield than the local city or town area, and so you can select to only wrap taxis in areas relevant to you and your brand, or spread them out for a wider message. This allows your brand to best target your desired market and to differentiate your marketing messaging to different audiences where required.
  • Supporting local people - taxi drivers have had it hard as of late, and with fierce competition in the sector and austerity taking hold, are more likely than ever to accept advertising on their vehicle/s as an additional income. You’ll be benefitting their business finances as well as your own: win-win.

Other Forms of Vehicle adverts

If taxi adverts may not be suitable for you, you should consider, follow the links for more info: 

  1. Bus adverts
  2. Truck adverts
  3. Advans
  4. Taxi Screen
  5. Train advertising
  6. Trams adverts

Our team are also happy to talk you through any of the above options. 


Many don’t consider taxis when they think of extending their marketing mix creatively, but the opportunities are vast. The Billboard Advertising UK team can help advise, negotiate, design and create a taxi campaign bespoke to you that’s unlike any other.

As soon as we receive your enquiry our team will be able to offer you more information on taxi advertising in Boyton as well as details on costs. Simply fill in the enquiry form to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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