Taxi Advertising Screens in Almeley

Taxi Advertising Screens in Almeley

Taxi screen adverts are a growing and popular form of out of home advertising. Affordable and with a captive audience, they have strong results and perform well for a range of industries.

In Taxi Touch Screen Adverts in Almeley

In Taxi Touch Screen Adverts in Almeley

Digital taxi screens can often be interactive and are effective in carrying both local and national marketing messages. For more information and free quotes, contact us today.

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Taxi Advertising Screens in Almeley

We’ve all seen taxis driving about with brightly coloured ads on the side and now with digital screens in the back. As marketing moves on and more firms look to deliver a memorable user experience this new advertising option has entered the taxi market and is proving popular across a range of industries. 

Taxi screen advertising allows brands to really interact with potential and existing customers whilst they are otherwise undistracted – so companies have the opportunity to make a lasting impact and create a positive interaction.

If you’d be interested in learning more on how you could give a lasting impression to consumers through a new form of marketing, get in touch with the Billboard Advertising team to discuss your options… or read on for more information!

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What is Taxi Screen Advertising?

Taxi screen advertising is the marketing method by which advertisers are able to communicate their brand messages through screens built into the back of taxi drivers headrests and situated elsewhere in the back of a classic ‘black cab’.

These adverts can be simple animations or videos, or, increasingly, offer an interactive experience through a touchscreen.

Taxi screen advertising can be used as a standalone messaging tool or as part of a wider campaign – it’s a natural extension to brand marketing on the outside of taxis. Affordable and effective they are popular with advertisers. 

Benefits of Taxi Screen Advertising

Taxi screen advertising is a really impactful method of communicating with consumers as it’s still somewhat unusual and isn’t yet commonplace.

Some taxi screen advertising also allows for interaction with the user; creating a memorable experience that portrays the brand as an innovator and ‘fun’, in a way its competitors are unable to, well… compete with!

  • Suits businesses of all shapes and sizes - it may seem that taxi screen advertising is only a marketing method for large firms with big marketing budgets to boot, but the amount of differing options available actually means its an achievable advertising channel for all.
  • Plays to a captive audience - those travelling in the back of taxis are usually a captive audience with little or no distraction or other entertainment on offer. Often bored and willing to be somewhere, exposing this audience to an advert is often therefore positively received and frequently easily recalled later on. Taxis are used by only a few select audience demographics; usually with a decent degree of disposable income and used to travel, so messages can be well aligned to your desired audience/s.
  • Messages can be easily adapted and updated - as a digital form of marketing, taxi screen advertising can be loaded and updated from a central external source. This offers a great degree of flexibility to businesses – the ability to change messaging on certain days, at different times of the day, in different taxis or in different geographic areas. Should anything major happen that doesn’t fit well with the branding (for example, something politically or anything news-worthy that may render your content insensitive or irrelevant), it can be immediately changed and updated across all of your taxi fleet.
  • Numerous options available for all - those advertising on taxi screens are able to choose from several options available when it comes to marketing on them. Basic animations can be created and played on a loop, or for those with a higher budget available, a full video. If your firm already has a TV or video campaign available, such footage can be transferred over and uploaded within minutes.

    Ads can be gamified - for brands really wishing to make an impact and leave a meaningful impression with consumers, interactive options can be created and installed. Whilst the fleet numbers for taxis with touchscreens are fewer, these are undoubtedly the best way to move your marketing to experiential and really invest in something innovative.

If you think Taxi digital advertising could work for you, drop us a message and our teams will be in touch today. 

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Costs of Taxi Screen Advertising

Billboard Advertising offers so many varieties of taxi screen advertising that there truly is something to suit all budgets.

The exact cost of running a taxi screen advertising campaigns depends on many factors, including, but by no means limited to:

  • The fleet being used – the number of taxis within which you’d like your ad/s to run
  • The type of ad – a static picture, basic animation, video, or full interactive touchscreen campaign
  • How long your ad will run for - will it be available 24/7 or only at certain times of the day
  • How often your ad will be updated – are you changing it to suit different locations and/or times of day, or just leaving it static at all times?
  • The input required by Billboard Advertising – you may choose just to have us negotiate a deal with our strategic marketing partners for your campaign space, or for us to own the whole process end-to-end: from campaign concept right through to delivery and analysis of results.

In order to obtain an accurate and relevant quote for your campaign, speak to the our teams to discuss your brand’s requirements.


Taxi screen advertising is adaptable and innovative; and is something not many consumers may have experienced before. As a result, it’s often received favourably by those in a captive environment with no other distractions and works brilliantly as a way to target an audience who often of social demographic groups with decent degrees of disposable income.

Even if taxi screen advertising isn’t already part of your marketing plans for 2020, why not consider it and try something new? It may just work in your favour – and the Billboard Advertising team will happily share case studies of existing successful campaigns in order for you to achieve the relevant business buy-in and sign-off from senior members of your firm.

The team utilise their strategic partnerships with various ad-space firms across the UK to place taxi screen advertising campaigns. Contact us to learn more about where your ad could feature – from John O Groats to Land’s End!

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