Truck Wraps in Thongsbridge

Truck Wraps in Thongsbridge

Truck and lorry advertising is a great way to reach a mass amount of people. Cost effective and offering great returns on investment, get in touch today for more information and free quotes.

Lorry Billboard Ads in Thongsbridge

Lorry Billboard Ads in Thongsbridge

Lorries and trucks are essentially moving billboards, it's easy to see why they are so popular with major household and international brands. If you are interested in this popular form of out of home advertising, contact us for free quotes.

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Truck Advertising

If you are looking for truck advertising in Thongsbridge we offer great advertising options to promote your products and services locally and across the UK.

If you’ve ever been on a motorway or main road, you’ll have noticed a lorry or truck passing with a logo, message or photo promoting a brand, product or service. You’ve probably assumed that the lorry is carrying goods for that company, but that’s often not the case; it may just be a straight-up advert that’s vying for your attention in a different manner.

It makes sense; lorries are essentially travelling billboards, tens of thousands of people see them every day, if not more, and people on the road are often bored, willing to be somewhere else, and open to any distraction. This makes lorry advertising an often-welcome form of marketing, which isn’t always the case for consumers.

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What is Lorry or Truck Advertising?

Put simply truck advertising is the use of the backs and sizes of these large moving vehicles to promote marketing and brand messages. 

This form of advertising is popular with a huge range of advertisers, as the adverts are seen by a large number of people or various social and economic backgrounds. Whilst this form of marketing is in many ways less targetted than other options, its sheer broad reach is its main appeal; reaching far and wide and often across the country, very easily. 

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Why Use Lorry Advertising?

Lorry advertising allows you to ‘wrap’ a commercially used HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) with your brand’s marketing, no matter what’s actually been transported on the inside. This gives you the opportunity to bypass traditional billboard advertising to instead invest in mobile billboards that are always on the go – and therefore seen by more people, a wider range of people, and doesn’t become stagnant or prone to ‘ad blindness’ by appearing in the same place all the time. It can also open brands and products to a new audience and is a great addition to any advertising campaign. 

Spending an hour or so on the road with your eyes open will demonstrate just how many household names use lorry advertising to communicate their marketing messages. Truck advertising is now becoming a more popular component of out-of-home advertising campaigns.  Supermarket giants such as Sainsbury's, Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons all do a lot, as well as big large retailers such as Dreams, DFS, Currys and many grocery brands. Even tech companies like Apple and Google are on board!

Using truck advertising can be a sole marketing method or can complement your existing marketing mix of channels and existing advertising campaign.

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The Main Benefits of Truck Advertising

  • A large reception  - lorries on busy routes are seen by tens of thousands of people every day – so even if every person seeing your advert doesn’t fit directly into your market niche or specific target, chances are that many will. Truck advertising gives you a cost-effective route to mass marketing that delivers fantastic value for money, return on investment and audience recognition.
  • No risk of stagnation - those who pass the same advert every day or scroll past it on their screen often will quickly develop ‘ad blindness’ – a new psychological condition that everyone gets when they automatically discount an advert, image or message without even having consciously acknowledged it. Lorry advertising means that your messaging is always on the move, so you don’t risk audiences getting bored or blind to it, as it’ll almost always be brand new.
  • A welcoming audience - travelling by road can be boring, and it’s one of the rare occasions that those sitting are prone to look outside and watch the world go by. The dullness of waiting for a journey to complete, particularly in congestion and traffic, means that consumers are pretty open-minded to seeing adverts on the road and are more likely to follow a call-to-action – so get creative and ask consumers to visit a website, register for something or take some kind of action while they’re looking at your ad.
  • The ability to travel - unlike traditional billboards, lorry adverts are always on the move and you can target specific routes to increase your chances of being seen by those you want to. This makes lorry advertising relevant to even smaller or geographically limited businesses, but also lets bigger brands spread their marketing continent-wide… or even further afield.

Truck Advertising Costs

Many things can alter the truck advertising rates, the main factors are: 

  • Size - the advertising truck you choose will affect the cost, as bigger lorries may cost more due to the size of the ad being increased.
  • Cycle - the amount of time the advert campaign runs for will cause the costs to alter. Generally, the longer the ad campaign lasts, the more expensive the truck advertising rates will be.
  • Time of Year - advertisements at certain times in the year, e.g. Christmas, may be more costly than others since a lot of companies will want to be advertising at this time and so the truck ads will be more competitive.

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Transport Marketing Agency - Other Options to Consider

At Billboard Advertising, we offer a number of transport advertising services to market corporations and businesses. Other options you may wish to consider could include bus advertising and taxi adverts, more traditional roadside adverts, all of which can be very effective. 

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