6 Sheet Billboard Adverts in South Ayrshire

6 Sheet Billboard Adverts in South Ayrshire

If you are interested in finding out more about 6 sheet dimensions and sizes, we can offer more information, as well as examples of 6 sheet poster campaigns in your local area.

Six Sheet Marketing Billboards in South Ayrshire

Six Sheet Marketing Billboards in South Ayrshire

You can choose from a number of billboard sizes when booking an outdoor campaign, the classic 6 sheet poster size is popular with many advertisers.

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6 Sheet Advertising in South Ayrshire

Billboards come in various sizes and one of the most popular is known as the 6 sheet.

6 sheet billboards are an industry term for a poster that measures 1.2m by 1.8m.

Prices for 6 sheets depend on the type of 6 sheet advert (whether as roadside, cinema or bus stop posters) and location. Prices for 6 sheet advertising start from as low as £170 per site for a 2-week campaign, including production and delivery and there are various options to consider. A number of sites are normally recommended to create a successful campaign. 

6 sheet posters are subsequently a favourite type of advert in South Ayrshire with businesses who are looking to promote their brand, service or product; with many finding both the size and costs appealing.

This type of advertising poster is portrait in size and can be posted in a number of ways, the most popular locations and uses of a 6 sheet is in bus stop advertising campaigns (bus shelters), train stations, shopping centres and underground stations.

If you are interested in finding out more information about 6 sheet adverts and 6 sheet dimensions (include safe and bleed areas) or if you would like to book a billboard marketing campaign with this size poster, please complete our contact box and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with FREE quotes. 

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6 Sheet Advertising Benefits

The 6 sheet poster size is an ideal size to advertise a range of different products and services with its size being large enough to present confident marketing messages but importantly achieving this in a cost-effective way.

6 sheets are generally affordable as their costs are lower than larger billboard sites and they are therefore a popular choice with a wide range of companies including restaurants, gyms, local attractions, films, theatre shows and local shops.

Most advertisers tend to buy a bundle of 6 sheet sites so they have an increased "opportunity to see", meaning that a target audience in a particular locale is likely to see one or more of your posters, therefore increasing awareness and ultimately sales and profits.

A typical outlay is in the £2k area. 

For more information and FREE quotes drop us a message today via the enquiry box on this page. 

6 Sheets Poster Advertising Options

You will probably see 6 sheet advertising every day in South Ayrshire without perhaps releasing that this is the actual industry term for them.

Typically, 6 sheet campaigns run in the following mediums and locations: 

Whichever location and type of campaign you'd like to go for, our teams have years of experience in increasing exposure, generating more sales or just increasing public awareness through this form of billboard marketing.

Simply drop us a message today and get in touch, tell us a bit more about you and what you are looking for; we'll then give you a call to discuss them in more detail. Once we have that information we will put together an effective outdoor plan for you to consider. 

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6 Sheet Advertising Costs

The price of this popular form of out of home advert will depend on a number of factors; there is not a set cost.

However, as a ballpark figure our 6 sheet advertising costs start from the below for an individual site - including production and delivery - for a 2-week campaign. 

  • Roadside 6 sheet cost - £170 per site x 2 weeks (rate card cost £304)

  • Cinema 6 sheet cost - £170 per site x 2 weeks (rate card cost £304)

  • Bus Stop 6 sheet - £295 per site x 2 weeks (rate card cost £405)

A typical campaign 6 sheet would be a number of sites and would therefore normally cost around the £2k mark in order to have the desired impact and results.  Some of the factors you will need to consider and those that will affect the cost of your outdoor campaign will include the below:

  • National or Local outdoor campaigns - are you going to advertise on a national or local scale? Generally, a national marketing campaign will cost more than a local campaign as it will have the capacity to hit more people. 
  • Print or Digital adverts - you can choose between a printed poster, back-illuminated poster or digital poster. 
  • Location – where is the billboard going to be? Billboards in high-footfall people (where more are) are more expensive than quieter locations. This means that often larger cities are more costly to promote in. 

For more information about the costs of advertising on UK billboards visit our billboard costs page where we discuss these various factors in more detail, or simply drop us a message and will send over FREE quotes and examples for you to consider. 

6 Sheet Dimensions

6 sheets are a pretty large poster format to be precise:

47.24'' x 70.87'' or 1.2m x 1.8m in size

which means you can carry a decent amount of information on them.

They can be produced as:

6 sheet adverts are a very versatile and cost-effective form of billboard advertising and one of the most popular selections made by our clients here at Billboard Advertising UK.

If you are looking to book an outdoor 6 sheet campaign in South Ayrshire we can help to advise of what are the most suitable sites for your company, service or product based on what your business aims are.

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Creative Six Sheet Advertising in South Ayrshire

We will produce and prepare quality creative marketing campaigns for your six sheet adverts wherever you want these to be. This form and size of billboard advert are available throughout the UK in varying formats.

As independent marketers, we believe that in order to get the most from campaigns it's best to use imaginative adverts and approach each campaign with fresh eyes.

Creative outdoor campaigns can give you “stand out” and make your target market more likely to buy your products, as they are more likely to notice your ad. As industry leaders, we'll be here to produce new advertising angles which are unique and original.

Other Advertising Poster Campaigns

For those who are unsure of the best ways to promote their business or services (and even what size of advertising poster that they should opt for) our billboard media planners will help you select the right campaigns in locations that will work for you; hitting your target market, raising profiles and achieving the desired results.

At Billboard Advertising we will help you develop a promotional campaign at great rates, finding bespoke solutions for your campaign. 

As well as 6 sheets, we can purchase a full range of billboards of various sizes and even help with artwork if needed.

For more information about all the sizes we have available please read here - or simply drop us a message and we will send over more information. 

Final Thoughts on UK 6 Sheet Advertising in South Ayrshire

6 Sheet Advertising refers to a specific size of outdoor advertising display that is commonly used in the UK. Here's an overview:

  1. Size and Dimensions: A standard 6 Sheet billboard measures approximately 4 feet high by 6 feet wide, which is about 1.2 meters by 1.8 meters. This size makes it quite versatile for various locations.

  2. Locations: These billboards are commonly found in high footfall areas such as bus stops, train stations, shopping centres, and high streets. Their size is ideal for capturing the attention of pedestrians and commuters.

  3. Visibility: They are designed to be at eye level, making them easily noticeable to people walking or waiting nearby. This close proximity allows for detailed and impactful visual presentations.

  4. Usage: 6 Sheet billboards are often used for local advertising but can also be part of larger, national campaigns. They are suitable for a wide range of advertisers, from small local businesses to large brands.

  5. Types: They can be backlit or non-lit, with the backlit versions offering better visibility at night or in lower light conditions. Some 6 Sheet billboards are also digital screens, which allow for dynamic and changing content.

  6. Advantages: The main advantages of 6 Sheet advertising include high-frequency visibility in high-traffic areas, and the ability to target specific demographics based on location. They are also relatively cost-effective compared to larger billboard formats.

  7. Digital 6 Sheets: Digital versions offer more flexibility with the ability to change adverts quickly, show multiple adverts on a loop, and even tailor content to time of day or specific audiences.

  8. Regulations: As with all outdoor advertising in the UK, 6 Sheet adverts must comply with local planning regulations and the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines.

Overall, 6 Sheet advertising is a popular choice for both local and national campaigns in the UK, offering a balance of visibility and cost-effectiveness in key consumer locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We have been told that 6 sheet advertising is a great form of outdoor advertising for our company as we are looking to attract new customers as we are launching a new brand. We are particularly interested in 6 sheet advertising as part of a bus shelter campaign, is this something you can help with?” The 6 sheet size is a very popular large format poster used by a range of industries for their outdoor advertising. 6 sheets posters are particularly popular at bus shelters and this is something we can help with. They are an affordable and highly effective form of marketing for any brand or product.
  2. What is the official 6 sheet poster size?” The official 6 sheet dimensions are 1.2m by 1.8.
  3. Does your team offer a print service? Yes, we can offer quality printed solutions on 6 sheet posters as well as other sizes.
  4. "What is a 6 sheet poster?" It is a large format poster, typically found at bus shelters, measuring 47.24'' x 70.87'' or 1.2m x 1.8m in size. It is a form of outdoor advertising.
  5. "What is a 48 sheet billboard?" A large poster, typically found at roadsides and very popular with advertisers, for more specific information, read here

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At Billboard Advertising UK we are a market leader in outdoor advertising and believe that 6 sheet adverts are a great way to appeal to various target markets, offering great value for money and importantly achieving quality results.

For more information and FREE quotes on 6 sheet advertising in South Ayrshire please contact our teams using the enquiry form provided.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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