48 Sheet Billboard Ads in Banks

48 Sheet Billboard Ads in Banks

48 sheet billboards are the most popular form of outdoor and billboard advertising in the UK. Delivering results time after time, contact us today for more information and FREE quotes.

48 Sheet Posters in Banks

48 Sheet Posters in Banks

Positioned at roadsides, car-parks and in general high-footfall areas, it's easy to understand why 48 sheets are so popular with all types of advertisers. Get your message out there with this popular and large billboard format.

48 Sheet Marketing Billboards in Banks

48 Sheet Marketing Billboards in Banks

48 sheets are used to promote everything from theatre shows and films to sporting events and political campaigns, with options including paper, backlit and digital, there are lots of effective options to consider.

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48 Sheets in Banks 

48 sheets are one of the more popular billboard sizes across the UK with companies choosing them as part of their outdoor advertising campaigns because they are large and impactful, but importantly as they generate great brand exposure and good return on investment.

48 sheets in Banks are the most popular type of outdoor advertising that we sell at Billboard Advertising.

The standard 48 sheet billboard size is 6.096m x 3.048m.

Prices start from as low as £325 per site for a 2-week campaign (including production and delivery). As well as standard 48 sheets - those printed on paper - wrap billboards (also known as backlit digital 48 sheets) are becoming more common across the UK.

If you are interested in finding out more about 48 sheet billboards in Banks including their size (with safe printing areas) or would like to book them anywhere in the UK, our friendly team can assist you. 

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48 Sheet Billboards in Banks

There are a number of different 48 sheets formats and locations available when you are looking to advertise or promote your brand, service or product through this popular type of outdoor poster. 

The most common 48 sheets are standard printed billboards; these are the large static poster sites typically found at the side of busy main roads, shopping areas, roundabouts and train stations.

In an increasingly modern world, new back-lit options (48 sheet back illuminated) are getting more popular, as are pure digital billboard options (where the poster is displayed on a large digital screen); these are sometimes also known as electronic wrap posters.

As well as having digital and non-digital 48 sheets to choose from there are also options to have a 48 sheet billboard freestanding. A free-standing billboard is basically a poster that is built to stand without being installed onto a wall or the side of a building.

As you can see there are lots of various types of 48 sheets in Banks to consider and our team will help you decided which are most suitable for you. Whatever your budget and whatever you're promoting, we’ll guide you so you choose the ideal 48 sheet billboard to achieve your desired results.

48 Sheet Poster Prices

48 sheet billboard costs depend on a number of factors.

However, as a ballpark figure, our costs start from the below for an individual site - including production and delivery - for a 2-week campaign. 

  • Roadside 48 sheet cost - £325 (typical rate card costs are £475)

Main factors which can affect 48 sheet costs include:

  • Location - where you wish to advertise. Advertising in busy areas will generally cost more than marketing in quieter ones. 
  • Length of campaign - the amount of time the 48 sheets remains up will also determine the cost; longer campaigns tending to cost more.
  • Time of year - certain times of year may also cost more than others - e.g. December tends to be quite costly due to Christmas advertising being carried out by major brands, which times such as Easter, Mothers Day and Valentines Day are also key advertising dates. 

For a more detailed breakdown of billboard advertising costs and the variables which can impact this, please check out our detailed page or simply drop us a message today. We will email over more information or can chat you through this over the phone. 

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48 Sheets Poster Design and Printing

Here at Billboard Advertising we can advise on 48 sheet poster design as well as getting them printed and then displayed for you in your desired locations. 

Most of the time when ordering billboards with us, printing (or "production" as it is sometimes known) is included within the price but when we send over quotes we will always be very clear that this is the case. 

When designing your 48 sheet billboard poster we believe it is very important to have a clear understanding of who your target market is so that you can successfully attract their attention. There is no point in having a brilliant and eye-catching billboard in a prime location if the artwork and design don’t attract attention or convey your message successfully - the two have to work together. It is through the success of good branding and good advertising that commercial gains lay. 

48 Sheet Size Confirmation

The size of a 48 sheet is 6.096m x 3.048m. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As a large outdoor advertising format, is the 48 sheet the best poster to advertise my company?”. There are lots of outdoor advertising options to consider and lots of posters of various shape and sizes. The 48 sheet is probably the most popular format we get asked about, it is large and impactful, offering great value for money and return on investment. For more information get in touch and will send more details on our service and how we can help, including the best bespoke options for you, no matter what industry you are in. 
  2. Can you help with the artwork for my posters?” Yes, we believe that there is no point in having top quality and industry-leading locations for your posters if the artwork lets you down. We can advise on this.
  3. How do I order 48 sheet posters or other types of large format advertising, I am interested in lots of different outdoor advertising options?” The best thing to do is drop us an email and we will be in touch, we will either call or email you with a full list of options to consider.
  4. "What is a 48 sheet?" It is a large format poster measuring 6.096m x 3.048m, typically used in advertising campaigns. 
  5. "What is standard billboard size?" There isn't a standard billboard for information read here.

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For more information on 48 sheet billboard format advertising in Banks please complete our enquiry form on this page and we will get back to you with more information and a variety of options to suit your budget. 

As the most popular and successful form of billboard advertising in the country, we can get 48 sheets in any village, town or city in the UK at top prices. Check our homepage for more information. 

We look forward to hearing from you and getting your business, company, product or services promoted on these popular and effective outdoor platforms. 

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