Arena Advertising in Bate Heath

Arena Advertising in Bate Heath

Stadium and arena advertising is very popular as it can reach thousands of people at one time, with the added benefit of extra exposure generated through TV viewings figures. For more information contact us today. .

Sports Ground Ads in Bate Heath

Sports Ground Ads in Bate Heath

Stadium advertising boards are found at many sports grounds throughout the UK and are the perfect way to display your brand to huge crowds.

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Stadium Advertising

Stadium advertising (or arena advertising as it is sometimes known) takes advantage of large groups of people all being in one place, at the same time, to communicate marketing messages to them whilst they’re captive, socialising, in a good mood and having fun.

Stadium advertising and sports marketing, in general, is a growing form of outdoor advertising and is very popular due to its ability to target like-minded groups, ranging from those at sporting events to those seeing popular concerts and events. This type of billboard advertising is subsequently most common at sports grounds (particularly high-profile football perimeter boards) as well as advertising options in concert arenas.

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What is Stadium Advertising?

The term ‘stadium advertising’ primarily refers to the practice of stadium board advertising, a twist on normal billboards and posters within arenas and stadiums. Stadium advertising also includes sports pitch marketing and electronic boards at football matches and other large, public events.

Stadiums are often considered to be just football and rugby grounds, but this isn’t the case, as such this type of advertising can include major music and event arenas (or example The O2, Wembley, Manchester Arena, Birmingham, conferencing facilities, theatres and other sports arenas: including cricket pitch advertising, horse-racing course advertising, hockey pitch advertising and even advertising in Olympic stadiums (for those with big budgets).       

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Stadium Advertising Options, Stadium Media & Perimeter Advertising

There are various options for brands to market and advertise within stadiums and arenas. These include:

  • Standard Billboards – 48 sheets and 96 sheets at the stadium or arena. 
  • Posters and advertising boards - in concourses and toilets.
  • Digital billboards - in and outside of the venue including electronic banner signs, led advertising boards, electronic advertising boards football (soccer advertising boards), scrolling advertising signs.
  • Sports pitch marketing – where designs are printed directly onto the pitch, boards (perimeter boards) are placed along the edges of it or projections are made onto television coverage (football advertising boards).
  • Promotional events held in and outside of the venue – hand to hand opportunities.
  • Programme advertising.
  • Seat drops – where promotional material or ‘freebies’ are placed on each seat in advance of the event for attendees to collect/use.

Wider Options to Hit Your Target Market

As well as the direct options inside the venue, travel routes in should be considered, such as bus advertising, car parks, surrounding roundabouts and roads where audiences and spectators are travelling in with roadside billboards (typically 48 sheets and 96 sheets).


What Are The Costs of Stadium Advertising?

The costs of stadium board advertising and other such marketing at arenas is variable, based on a range of factors.

These include, but are by no means limited to:

  • The advertising management company - for example, Manchester United pitch advertising or Chelsea pitch advertising will be more than Yeovil Town or Wigan (no offence to either!)
  • The size of the advert – the bigger the billboard generally the more costly - for information on general poster sizes visit here
  • The type of advert – whether you opt for electronic banner signs, led advertising boards, football advertising boards, paperback adverts, 48 sheets, 96 sheets etc. The type will impact the cost. 
  • The placement of the advert – whether the advert is pitchside, on a concourse, in the entrances, toilets etc. Wherever the greater level of exposure, generally the more expensive they will be.
  • The period for which the advert will be placed – do you want the billboard ad for one day? A week? A month etc.
  • The fixture or event for which the ad will be placed – more popular fixtures and events will be more popular with advertisers and will also get more in advance, so plan ahead. 
  • The capacity of the stadium and the capacity for the event in question – e.g. Wembley will be more expensive than a smaller arena or stadium.
  • Any television or filming opportunities – if the sporting event or concert is likely to be filmed and broadcast this is likely to increase costs.

At Billboard Advertising we will manage all of this for you, negotiating with clubs and venues directly to ensure you get the best value for money possible for your campaign and the best possible placements.

Benefits of Stadium Advertising For My Company

Stadiums and arenas advertising has numerous benefits, the first of which is the audience. You can assume (to a degree) that those attending an event will have similar interests, and in some cases, you may be able to gain information on audience demographics in advance. This allows you to target your desired market segment as best as possible to communicate to them in an effective manner. You can also make sure that they fall within your target market, this means as well as hitting a large number of people of, it will also be well targetted. 

Meanwhile, even those who don’t fit directly into your standard target demographic will be exposed to your marketing messages – and in a full stadium, this could be tens of thousands of people! This allows your brand, product or service to take on the prestige of household names and be recognised by many. This gives a mass marketing opportunity whilst still allowing your target market to be reached.

Ads at football matches (including football advertising boards), gigs, or other large events (and advertising at sports events in general) can also be targeted based on the fixture happening: so, if a certain event/show/conference is attended by your target market, you can advertise just for that duration of time, and not necessarily for other events at the same place. This means you have little wastage of budget and a great return on investment. You can of course just advertise one day, whilst some forms of outdoor marketing have a two-week minimum cycle.

Stadium events are often filmed or even televised, and in the case of sports events, this is very common. This can elevate your reach, pitching your message to millions of people – all around the globe!

As already mentioned we do highly recommend booking way in advance so you get the fixtures and arena that you are after - many people contact us as soon as fixtures and concerts are released to get ahead of the competition. 

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LED Board Advertising and Perimeter Boards in Bate Heath

Stadium boards can be created using bright, vibrant colours which make the adverts a lot more eye-catching than regular static ads; this means your target market will be more likely to notice them. 

How best to market your brand, product or service depends on what it is and the audience you need to communicate to. If you don’t know your desired or appropriate customer segment, fear not: we can advise you on this and how best to target them for the most effective marketing communications. Every brand, product and service are different, but our marketing experts can research and target for you, putting the customer (both potential and existing) truly at the heart of everything you do. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Stadium Advertising

  1. I am looking to use football advertising boards, the stadium perimeter boards, to promote my business, how much do they cost?”. The costs for football advertising boards (sometimes called soccer advertising boards) varies depending on a few factors, namely the size of the actual physical size of the pitchside advertising boards, the actual stadium (who owns the ground) and sometimes the fixture itself. For more information drop us a message and we can send more info
  2. Is arena advertising and sports marketing only good when targeting people who like sport?” No, advertising at sports events and advertising in sports arenas (mainly on the perimeter boards), is successful at targeting a cross-section of society, with many sports stadium and events have a family section.
  3. "How much does it cost to advertise at a football stadium?" As with any form of advertising it depends on the type of media you are looking to use, costs for perimeter boards differ from walkway and restroom ads, also the specific sports stadium you want to advertise in will determine this, this will be dependent on footfall to the venue. 
  4. "How do football advertising boards work?" They are hired on specific days or for specific lengths of time to communicate marketing messages to those in the stadium - and in the case of televised events to a wider audience.  
  5. "What is perimeter advertising?" These are the advertising boards seen around the side of football stadiums (the long thin ones), perimeter boards are the most popular and sought after form of stadium and arena advertising we deal with. 

Summary of Stadium and Arena Media

A fantastic way to present your marketing message to thousands (and even millions) of people at once, stadium and venue advertising can make up a strong part of your wider marketing campaign or even just work as a solus campaign. 

There are lots of options to consider as highlighted above (also check out our homepage here), as well as options to target audiences as they journey to and from the arena. There's also ways to get creative, as well as many advertising companies to liaise with for placements if you are looking to do this on our own. When using our expert teams however we’ll take care of all the hard work for you. We have existing relationships in place and get you great placements at top fixtures and events. So, let our team of billboard experts manage the whole campaign process, from design through to placement.

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So, get in touch today and start your journey into placing stadium advertising in Bate Heath at football matches and other well attended large-scale popular events across the country.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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