Phone Box Advert in Longtown

Phone Box Advert in Longtown

Kiosk adverts are a brilliant way to promote your products or service to people passing.

Kiosk Poster in Longtown

Kiosk Poster in Longtown

This static advert will receive a high footfall which can improve the impacts that it makes. This could make kiosk posters a great option for you.

Advertising Kiosks in Longtown

Advertising Kiosks in Longtown

An advertising kiosk allows businesses to display their details in a public space which means they will reach a wider audience.

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Phone Box Advertising in Longtown

With the rise of the mobile and smartphones, very few of us still use old-fashioned phone boxes like we used too. This leaves phone box usage and phone box advertising in Longtown as often underrated, forgotten and seen as a form of marketing from days past, however, you couldn't be more wrong!

Phone boxes are still popular with tourists and actually enjoy a higher-than-expected level of usage in cities, busy towns and villages, however, more significantly telephone boxes are now going through something of a regeneration.

Yes, gone are the days when phone boxes were simply used to make phone calls, nowadays, phone boxes are often multi-functional, acting as Wi-Fi hotspots, cash machines, post boxes or parcel delivery and collection points! This means that despite the phone boxes themselves seeming quite dated, using this form of advertising for brands is fairly new and options exciting and dymanic. 

Yes, phone boxes are back; which in turns means phone box advertising is back too, with bigger and better options than ever. Prices for this form of advertising start at just £170. 

If you are interested in using phone box advertising as part of your marketing campaign drop us a message today and our highly experienced teams will be in touch with FREE quotes and more information.

What is Phone Box Advertising?

Phone box advertising is basically using the internal and external parts of a phone box to advertise on. 

The most popular form of phone box advertising is the ‘wrapping’ of the exterior (this is also sometimes known as ‘kiosk advertising’). This is where printed cards carrying images and marketing messages are placed on card panels built into the door or walls of the phone kiosk or box. They can also be put onto plastic wraps with small holes within, so that those within the kiosk can still see out. 

Phone box advertising in Longtown can include marketing within the inside of phone boxes as well, placing your advert onto a digital board affixed to the one opaque size of the phone box. Sometimes there are also digital screens where marketing trailers and images can also be played out.  

At Billboard Advertising we’re experts in this field, offering a full end-to-end service for your kiosk adverts; from concept and design to implementation, delivering a fantastic return on investment. 

Benefits of Phone Box Advertising

There are many benefits to phone box advertising. 

Phone box advertising has a key advantage over many other out-of-home advertising channels and that is that it’s eye-level – the public are already looking at it! Rather than having to look up or purchase something to see your brand’s message, you can present it to both potential and customers in an easily accessible environment. BT phone boxes are quite the tourist attraction for those visiting the UK from abroad, so keeping your ads bright and vibrant will help increase the chance that your phone box ads will be photographed and shared. 

As phone box advertising is still so under-used, it’s a cheap method of spreading marketing messages in Longtown far and wide for little cost, and makes for a great brand awareness tool with high performance in recall tests. This delivers a fantastic return on investment compared to other mass marketing channels.

Despite being a mass marketing technique primarily, phone box advertising can also heavily targeted and can work on location proximity. If you have a physical bricks-and-mortar premise, you can direct consumers to it, or you can change your messages to tailor them to the location. 

Cost of Phone Box Advertising

As with all out-of-home advertising options, there are various price ranges for phone box advertising, dependant on variable factors. These include, but are not limited to, the number of ad placements, the size of placements, the locations of placements and the time-period for which the placements will run. Additionally, the time of year can also affect the price - Christmas time tends to be more expensive.

You have to bring your price range into account prior to deciding which company adverts to pick for your business. Work with us to determine what sort of ad technique would be most beneficial for your services, and we’ll make it a reality! 

Negotiating with design and ad placement companies, at Billboard Advertising we will ensure you’re delivered the best possible value for money and can run a marketing campaign that’s successful in terms of brand awareness, sales and delivering positive ‘buzz’. 

Phone Box Advertising Options

The options available to you in terms of phone box and phone kiosk advertising may depend on your local area or where you’re looking to advertise. There are digital and interactive phone box kiosk options available, but these aren’t overly common, and so you may need to stick to standard brand ‘wrapping’, but this needn’t be a negative! 

Getting creative and using a clever, recognisable and memorable advert can elevate your marketing communications from just a poster to something more special – and more importantly, more shareable. If you can make a memorable impression with those who see your ad, they’re more likely to share it onward on social media or to tell others; and word of mouth is an onwards marketing tool that’s free!

If you’re not sure where to start, or how phone box advertising could fit into your marketing strategy and campaign, get in touch! We can help you not just decide how to progress, but design and place ads for you throughout the 40,000 phone boxes in the UK. 

Phone Box Ads

Just because phone boxes are being used less and less for their primary function doesn’t mean that using them as an advertising medium is dated. Literally, think about how many phone boxes you walk past or drive by every day? Probably quite a few – and therefore as a person, you’re privy to any marketing messages on the outside of them, whether or not you use them at all. 

There are actually over 40,000 phone boxes across the UK that can be used for phone box advertising, yet very few are. This under-utilisation makes for a great value-for-money option when working through your brand’s advertising strategy: and one that’s ignored by many, giving you a competitive advantage against competitors and other brands.

This cost-effectiveness means phone box advertising is often teamed with other forms of outdoor advertising such as bus stop advertising ( and roadside poster advertising (

Summary of Phone Box Advertising

An under-utilised marketing channel, phone box advertising is low-cost and low-effort but delivers robust results. Our end-to-end marketing and communications services at Billboard Advertising will help you use this marketing medium in the best way possible for your business, ensuring your growth and brand development.

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