Digital Billboard Advertising in Ballyclog

Digital Billboard Advertising in Ballyclog

A digital billboard is a great way to get your product, service, product or event, in front of your target market. There are lots of affordable options to consider. Get in contact today for more information.

LED Billboard Advertising in Ballyclog

LED Billboard Advertising in Ballyclog

Bright, bold and eye-catching LED advertising is a new and exciting form of billboard advertising. If offers get value for money and return on investment.

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Digital Billboards in Ballyclog

Digital billboards in Ballyclog are becoming more and more popular and are a great way to promote products, services and goods to a wide audience.

Digital billboards (sometimes referred to as LED billboard advertising) are bright, eye-catching adverts and are often very affordable; they are a growing part of the outdoor advertising mix and popular with many different industries. They are available in lots of different locations all over the country.

They offer the flexibility to update and amend messaging as required and there are lots of different options to consider, including freestanding billboards on roadsides, whilst there are lots of options in shopping centres, as well as in arenas and sports stadiums.

LED billboards are now regularly replacing standard poster billboards in areas of high traffic and footfall and are a growing outdoor advertising medium that’s fast becoming a preferred marketing option with global and household brands.

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What are Digital Billboards?

Digital billboards are billboards that form part of the digital outdoor media mix, they come in the form of LED screens rather than those traditionally printed.

These advertising boards are frequently found in highly-populated areas and tourist hotspots; the most famous in the UK is the digital screens at Piccadilly Circus. This form of LED billboard is commonly affixed to a building, structure, or as a free-standing billboard situated at the side of a road, pavement or other areas of high-visibility. They use electricity for the illumination of the design, and you can have alternating or full-time ads to suit your needs and budget.

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Benefits of Digital and LED Billboard Advertising Screens

There are many benefits to electronic billboard advertising. Some of the advantages are highlighted below: 

  1. Up-to-date messaging - they can be frequently updated or changed to suit new campaigns, messaging or location-specific communications. This allows your brand to really move with the times; updating them to take into account current affairs, new selling messages and specific references to times of the day/month. This can demonstrate your company’s relevance and help reinforce the impression that you’re ‘current’ and worldly aware.
  2. Mass audience reach - electronic billboards are a fantastic method to reach a mass audience and also one of varied demographics; spanning socio-economics, geographies, ages and backgrounds. 
  3. Solus or combination marketing - they work well either as your sole outdoor advertising marketing or as part of a wider multi-channel campaign. The sheer size and quality of electronic billboards can give a great sense of prestige and brand professionalism: yet this form of advertising is obtainable to businesses of all sizes, not just household names.
  4. Great and new locations - the locations can be targeted right down to individual locales - to form a proximity-specific campaign. For example, you can use LED advertising to signpost customers toward your bricks-and-mortar business, to give a location-specific message or to tailor your communication to a certain local event or activity.

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What Is The Cost of Digital Billboards?

The costs vary – sometimes they are more expensive than traditional poster-board billboards, other times not - costs depend on many factors, including:

  • The time period for which the ad will be live – the longer your ad is displayed the more expensive it will be. 
  • The location of the LED billboard – some billboards are more expensive than others, for example, the digital billboard in Piccadilly Circus is more expensive than one at a local shopping centre.
  • The size of the LED billboard – how big or small the size of the physical billboard is will affect the cost of a digital billboard.

For more information on factors which can affect the cost of a digital billboard in Ballyclog read here.  

Digital Billboard Advert Options

Most commonly, digital billboards can be found affixed to buildings or structures. 

Electronic billboards can be used as standalone free-standing structures to be placed in public areas. There are also portable options, used for ‘guerrilla marketing’ if you want to try something new. For example, if there’s a large exhibition or event, why not hire a digital billboard to be placed outside it - a digital advan perhaps? All the attendees will still see your messaging but in a cleverer and more memorable way. 

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