Bus Stop Advertising in Berkshire

Bus Stop Advertising in Berkshire

Bus stop adverts are a very popular form of advertising as they are seen by a cross section of society and offer great value for money and a brilliant return on investment. Contact our teams today for FREE quotes and more information.

Cost of Bus Stop Advertising in Berkshire

Cost of Bus Stop Advertising in Berkshire

The costs of bus stop advertising depends on a number of factors including type of advert, length of cycle, locations and time of year. Read our guide below for more information on this popular form of advertising.

Bus Stop Ad Dimensions in Berkshire

Bus Stop Ad Dimensions in Berkshire

There are lots of bus stop adverts to consider and dimensions vary but typically including the popular 4 sheet and 6 sheet size. For more information and specification sheets contact us today.

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Bus Stop Advertising in Berkshire

They’re something we walk past, drive past and ride past often, and 90% of the UK’s adult population now live within 5 minutes of a bus stop!

This simple fact is the reason that bus stop posters represent a perfect opportunity to communicate marketing messages, with their ability to achieve mass exposure through both regional and national campaigns, all to suit most budgets and companies.

It will come as no surprise therefore that bus stop advertising in Berkshire is one of the most popular forms of out of home advertising that we deliver every day at Billboard Advertising, with this form of marketing both highly-effective and affordable for many businesses. 

For more information on bus stop advertising (sometimes known as bus shelter advertising) including the size of bus stop posters, bus stop ad costs and anything in between, please contact our friendly and professional teams today via the enquiry form on this page. We’ll have your stop ads up and running in no time at all!

What is Bus Stop Advertising?

Bus stop advertising uses the infrastructure of the public bus network to post marketing messages mainly through the use of posters within bus shelters.

The size of bus stop posters vary but are typically 6 sheet in size, whilst other options include bus stop bench advertising, bus stop shelter advertising and creative bus stop take-overs. 

If any of these bus stop advertising options are of interest to you simply drop us a message today, via the enquiry form on this page, and on of our friendly specialist will give you a call back to discuss the options in more detail, as well as supplying FREE quotes. 

Benefits of Bus Stop Advertising

It’s commonly considered that only bus users see adverts on bus stops, but this simply isn’t correct.

Those waiting for buses and glancing around are joined by those walking past, those disembarking buses and those riding or driving past.

The great exposure therefore offered by bus stop advertising mean it is an effective and brilliant way to promote any service, product or company.

Whilst not an advertising medium that many consider right away, bus stop advertising achieves levels of mass exposure that other channels can struggle to achieve; whilst still allowing for the targeting of an audience to ensure that your brand reaches your correct market.

One of the main benefits of bus stop advertising is its ability to reach some notoriously difficult socio-economic segments that can’t be obtained easily by other advertising methods. This includes older people, who travel often in the UK by bus as they’re able to receive free journeys, and lower-income audiences who find bus travel cheaper than alternatives.

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Cost of Bus Stop Advertising

Advertising on bus stops is often a cost-effective form of outdoor advertising, offering a great return on investment for most companies.

The costs of bus stop advertising is variable and based on a number of factors outlined below explored briefly below:

  • Regions with high footfall (and therefore high exposure) are more expensive than those in more rural, less busy areas.
  • Purchasing multiple bus stop placements across a wide location e.g. town or city centres, will be more expensive. 
  • The length of your bus stop or bus shelter advertising campaign e.g. 2 week, 1 month, 6 months etc. will also affect the cost. The longer a bus ad campaign runs the more expensive it will be.

Bus stop advertising prices can be tricky to negotiate if you are approaching the media owners directly, but there’s no need to worry as at Billboard Advertising we are experts in placing bus shelter advertising and have existing relationships in place with the media owners and/or bus companies. This means we will negotiate and manage the relationship with all of the various people to take the effort and complication out of your hands. This means that your bus advertising process will be entirely streamlined and hassle-free, managed from end-to-end by us. This also allows for us to charge a single price that covers the conception, implementation and printing of your bus advertising strategy and campaign, there are no hidden costs.

At Billboard Advertising we aim to take the hassle out of your bus advertising campaign – so whether you are looking for a local campaign, a national one or even a London bus stop advertising campaign contact us today.

Bus Stop Advertising Prices Summary

As a basic guide our starting prices for a two week period (for a single poster) is as below - most companies starting prices are in the region of £400 a site. The price below includes delivery and production: 

  • Bus Stop 6 Sheet advert through Billboard Avertising - £295 a site

Most marketing campaigns incorporate a number of bus stop sites so that opportunity to see is high. 

At Billboard Advertising UK we recommend a spend of approximately £2k on bus stop ads to have really good coverage and great impact, although we can accomodate less sites than this. 

Bus Shelter Advertising Options 

There are lots of options for advertising at bus stops and shelters. Bus stop posters are just the beginning!

These include, but are by no means limited to:

  1. Standard poster panels - (4 sheet and 6 sheet as discussed)
  2. Back-lit posters - round-the-clock and round-the-year advertising
  3. Digital posters - which allows for frequent and swift changing and adapting of messaging, and can be done on a full-time or rotational basis.
  4. ‘Take-over’ - the opportunity to fully brand the bus shelter, right down to the seats! With this option, there’s an opportunity for advertisers to create a memorable brand presence with bus shelter advertising; successful examples of this include Norwegian Airlines, who converted bus stop seats into faux-wooden sauna benches!
  5. Bus bench - branding

If any of these options are of interest simply drop us a message and one our team will be in touch. 

Which Companies Use Bus Stop Advertising?

Bus stop advertising can be used for both commercial and public service messaging (such as NHS and political marketing), to small local enterprises (restaurants, bars etc.) through to global businesses and major brands.

We work with a full range of businesses who emply this form of advertising with great success. It is very popular with theatre shows, events and films but it's versatility makes it's successful for many. 

Being able to target bus stop advertising by route, city, region or nationally makes this form of marketing accessible to smaller companies as well as international corporations.

This is a broad concept that doesn’t apply to many out-of-home advertising options and gives bus stop advertising an appeal that other channels don’t hold.

It’s a successful form of outdoor advertising embraced by all kinds of advertisers.

Bus Stop Ad Dimensions

Typically bus stop advert are 6 sheet in size, for full information and 6 sheet specs visit our sizes page. 

Bus Stop Ad Template

If you would like us to supply an ad template for a bus stop advert please let us know and we will send something over. 

Combination Marketing

Bus stop advertising is a form of out of home advertising that works either as a primary campaign channel or as part of the wider marketing mix and can be successfully combined with other forms of outdoor advertising, these options could include such as roadside advertisingphone box advertising and London Underground Advertising.

If you would like more information on other forms of outdoor adverts check out the webiste or contact us today. 

Bus Stop Costs Summary

In summary, bus stop advertising offers the chance to reach a mass market alongside more targeted segments of consumers by socio-economic demographic and location. The fact that the costs of this form of advertising is very reasonable means it its both popular whilst delivering results time after time. 

With bus stop adverts there is the added bonus of having an excuse to get creative and try out some clever, memorable branding, it really does make for a fantastic channel that delivers a superb return on investment and increase brand awareness and sales.

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