Airport Advertising in Highweek

Airport Advertising in Highweek

We offer airport advertising services including placing billboard and posters throughout various sections of airports to catch passengers' attention.

Marketing in Airports in Highweek

Marketing in Airports in Highweek

We provide a variety of services regarding planning and purchasing of media for a selection of advertising campaigns.

Airport Marketing Specialists in Highweek

Airport Marketing Specialists in Highweek

As airports are guaranteed to have a high footfall all year round, the cost of advertising could be more expensive. Other factors including size and type can also vary the price.

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Airport Advertising

Using an airport to advertise presents the chance for brands to communicate their messaging, products and services while audiences are waiting around and unable to leave for a set period. The waiting times and lack of activity involved in being in an airport means that travellers are open to prolonged exposure to adverts whilst they’re excited and preparing for new experiences.

Airport advertising in Highweek s a fairly new marketing medium, but one that enjoys success amongst a variety of socio-economic demographics and allows exposure to new audiences that wouldn’t necessarily experience your brand in their day-to-day lives. This can help grow your business in a new audience with a new angle that may otherwise be unobtainable.

What is Airport Advertising?

Airports present a great many advertising forms for brands to convey their marketing messages. The size and ‘blank canvas’ nature of airport structures allow for lots of surfaces to be utilised with adverts, both in and out of the terminal buildings.

Benefits of Airport Marketing

Airport ads are placed in a manner that many people see them when they have time on their hands – and are therefore extremely open-minded and susceptible to marketing messages.

Most travellers need to be in an airport for at least two hours, with at least half of this time free before they must queue at a gate for departure. During this time the in-terminal activities come at a premium: luxury shops and expensive restaurants, even when travelling on a budget.

However, access to advertisements is free and when waiting around for prolonged periods of time, may even present a welcome distraction from boredom. This allows for brands in Highweek to really benefit by filling this time: with a clear call to action and preferably some kind of interaction to truly engage the consumer.

Messaging within airports should remain consistent enough with your company’s branding so that it is easily recognisable (even if this is a consumer’s first view of you, to identify you again later on when they see further marketing messages) but clarity is key: as many of your audience may not have English as their first language. There is a fine line to be drawn between ‘dumbing down’ and patronising, and remaining accessible to as many people as possible. Our marketing experts can help you with this; keeping your messaging on point but easily understandable and with a clear call to action where required.

Cost of Airport Advertising

The costs of ads in airports changes depending upon the time and cycle of a campaign. Holiday seasons generally cost more, since the adverts will get maximum exposure ( Additionally, if you keep the ads up for a long time (increased cycle) the cost will generally be more. However, adverts placed during busy periods are a great way to promote products and services to a mass audience quickly.

The forms of advert also vary the fees payable, but this depends on what is available in any given location. Smaller airports normally have fewer options than larger, but larger may require repeat adverts to be posted.

The management company of advertising space and placements within an airport depends on who the airport is owned by and how they have chosen to approach their marketing and income strategy. This does, unfortunately, mean that every airport is different – but we can manage these relationships for you and make sure your placements and locations are spot on.

Airport Marketing Options

Advertising in airports comes in many forms, with lots of options for you to choose from. These include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Poster-boards inside of terminal buildings
  • Digital advertising boards inside of terminal buildings
  • Poster-boards or billboards outside of terminal buildings
  • Digital advertising boards outside of terminal buildings
  • Poster advertising in public toilets
  • Escalator ‘wrapping’
  • Walkway ‘wrapping’
  • Lift and elevator ‘wrapping’
  • Printing on airline tickets
  • Hanging boards from ceilings.

The large size of these adverts gives a sense of prestige to brands who use them, elevating them to a platform alongside household names and ‘big’ brands.

What approach you take should be determined by the audience and approach to your marketing campaign, and not just by your budget. We will be able to help advise you on what platforms will work best for your brand and campaign so that your message is delivered as effectively as possible.

For example, airport walkway ads can convey longer messages than standard posters, so could work for a more technical or complicated brand. For a swifter and more easy-to-read message, airport terminal advertising in Highweek can work just as well and better repeat, reiterate and reinforce a brand.

There’s also the freedom to get creative with your advertising and stand out from the crowd when utilising airport terminal advertising, so your visions of innovative and outrageous marketing messages can come to fruition!

We can manage your campaign from end-to-end, right through from designing your initial concept to delivering a lucrative campaign that gives a great return on marketing investment and promotes your business in a positive manner.


A modern form of advertising that takes advantage of consumers whilst they’re in one place for a long time with only expensive distractions available, marketing in airports strikes while consumers are feeling open-minded and prepared for new experiences.

The great number of options that marketers can use in airports allows for the freedom of trial-and-error to find the most valuable marketing method, as well as the opportunity to get creative and try new things when it comes to branding.

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