Street Talk Adverts in Preston

Street Talk Adverts in Preston

You will notice Street Talk advertising in many locations, particularly in towns and city centres, as it is commonly used to promote night life, concerts, bars and entertainment venues.

Street Talk Billboards in Preston

Street Talk Billboards in Preston

Street Talk ads are popular with a wide range of industries who are looking to target a young adult demographic, often in areas of high-footfall.

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Street Talk Advertising in Preston 

One of the popular advertising campaigns we set up at Billboard Advertising is street talk advertising which is commonly used to advertise nightlife, concerts, bars and events, in town and city centres. 

Street Talk adverts often target a younger demographic and are often located on high streets, near bars and clubs, popular meeting places, shopping centres, colleges, universities and various other areas where teenagers and young adults may frequent.

We have a number of options available for you to consider, including phone box (kiosk advertising), bus stop ads, A-frame adverts and more. 

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Effective Street Talk Adverts

Street Talk ads are used to target a young adult demographic. These sites are found in popular town and city-centre locations across the UK, the most common modes of adverts and targets markets they reach are often the below: 

1. Entertainment Venue Advertising

You will find when advertising an entertainment venue - whether a bar, club, arena or restaurant - the competition is high. It is, in fact, one of the most competitive industries in the UK.

Street Talk advertising is very popular with this sector, targetting a highly social crowd, often with disposable incomes. 

In light of that, our professional teams at Billboard Advertising can help create eye-catching and effective adverts in great locations (often physically near these venues) to ensure you receive the greatest possible returns on investment.

We also believe that it is critical that your company's marketing message is put across to potential customers instantly and this is particularly the case in busy town and city centres, where potential customers are travelling and therefore may not be paying particular attention, or being receptive to complex messaging.

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2. Marketing to Students

We set up a variety of advertising campaigns targetting students with Street Talk advertising.

The student population is now a popular market for many advertisers. As most universities are found in the centre of towns and cities, street talk adverts naturally play an important part in these campaigns with visibility strong in popular student areas and around campuses, bars, cafes and cinemas.  

3. A-Frame Advertising and Bus Stop Ads

A-frame advertising in Preston is a popular choice, these posters tend to be quite cheap and can be used in conjunction with various other OOH ads. If you'd like more information on A-frame adverts, please get in touch with our team today using the enquiry form on this page. We will provide more information and guidance on the right techniques and process to create a marketing campaign for your company. 

Street Talk Advertising Cost Guide

Street Talk advertising costs vary depending on a number of different factors.

These are specifically: 

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