Clear Channel Billboards in Baddeley Green

Clear Channel Billboards in Baddeley Green

We can offer a number of Clear Channel billboards at the best rates across the United Kingdom to ensure you get maximum exposure.

Costs of Clear Channel Ads in Baddeley Green

Costs of Clear Channel Ads in Baddeley Green

There are many factors which can alter the Clear Channel advert prices, the main being size and location.

Advertising with Clear Channel in Baddeley Green

Advertising with Clear Channel in Baddeley Green

We offer large billboard advertisements in order to ensure you that you can create a marketing strategy that can suit your requirements.

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Clear Channel Billboards in Baddeley Green 

Clear Channel are one of the biggest, most well-known and well-loved billboard suppliers in the UK.

Their sites are in brilliant locations in Baddeley Green and well maintained all over the country; they are true market leaders. You will notice their sites all over the country (their name and logo at the bottom of the billboards, on the frames). They have various outdoor advertising options for customers to choose from, including back-illuminated (back-lit), digital billboards as well as more standard poster sizes.

Most typically you will see their 48 sheet large posters - in key locations such as at roadsides, round-abouts and areas of high footfall, however, they have a variety of sizes and locations for you to consider for your Out of Home campaign.  

We work with approved media planners who are able to book these brilliant Clear Channel billboard sites, so if this is something you are interested in please contact us today.

Clear Channel Advertising Rates

If you are interested in out of home advertising then Clear Channel UK is one of the top billboard marketing companies in the world and in opting for these particular sites you can be certain of high-quality and success. Even though their sites are so iconic and recognisable they still offer excellent value for money, so don’t let potential cost deter you from opting for these sites.

There are a number of different factors which can affect the costs Clear Channel billboards, including the size and location, but this is the same of any supplier and advertising with them offers great value for money.

Factors which typically affect billboard costs are the size (bigger sites generally cost more to produce, set up and run), the location of the billboard (as some locations will cost more to advertise on than others if they are in high-footfall areas) and length of campaign (how many weeks they are up). For more information on billboard costs factors visit -

Clear Channel Outdoor Options

For those who are undecided about the best ways to promote their products, goods or services, our media planners are able to help you select the right ads to do so in order to be successful. Clear Channel billboards offer a number of different outdoor options for you to consider and if easier we can suggest a plan and what would work for your budget and target market. Their options typically include the following, in a variety of locations including rail station, shopping centres, busy roads and town/city centres:

  • 4 sheets
  • 6 sheets
  • 48 sheets
  • 96 sheets
  • Underground options

Clear Channel UK

Clear Channel is one of the greatest companies for OOH marketing which is why we recommend their products at Billboard Advertising. As a skilled outdoor media firm, we will guide you through the whole process when you book outdoor ads to bring you the most successful campaign possible and if Clear Channel are your preferred supplier will strive to secure these sites for you.

Our professionals know how to locate the best sites and negotiate great rates; which means you get the best value for money with your marketing campaign. Before starting a campaign we believe it is essential to know who your target market is. With that knowledge, it’s then our responsibility to inform you of the correct sites for promoting your business, product or service.

Advertising Campaign Planning

By simply studying audience conduct and with a clear understanding of who you are targeting, will get a better concept of how they think and what would appeal to them. Planning your advertising in advance is also key, as most of the prime and well-desired sites, get booked early and well in advance by companies.

If you need help with the design we also have designers who can producer innovative and eye-catching ads.

As leaders in the billboard marketing field and with teams who have years of experience, we pride ourselves as being one of the top independent agencies in the United Kingdom and work with businesses of all sizes – from small starts ups to large national chains. At Billboard Advertising we are leading offline marketing provider which allows you to receive the greatest value for money, no matter how big or small you are. As well as providing outdoor sites we have suppliers who can help with other forms of marketing including TV, radio and press ads (should you wish to compliment your campaign).

If you would like to find out any more information about our other services - such as street talk, look here - or speak to our specialists today who can offer more guidance.

Best Billboard Advertising Companies

We consider ourselves a top billboard company and pride ourselves on helping our clients to produce a high-standard of billboard and outdoor commercials all over the UK, whilst providing great customer care and value for money. Our team at Billboard Advertising will make sure your ads meet the standards authority advertising association code of conduct. Ofcom broadcasting codes plus the British code of advertising make sure all advertisements are clear and true.

Being a specialist company, Billboard Advertising will generate a campaign strategy that is distinctive to target your audience effectively.

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If you are interested in having an OOH campaign created for your business, we can provide you with Clear Channel billboards in Baddeley Green ST2 7 at great prices in iconic locations. Get in touch with our team today via the enquiry form on this page and take that next step in seeing your business or product on these industry-leading billboards.