Billboard Advertising Sizes in Abinger Hammer

Billboard Advertising Sizes in Abinger Hammer

There are a number of billboard advertising sizes to choose from across the UK to suit your needs and requirements.

Billboard Poster Size in Abinger Hammer

Billboard Poster Size in Abinger Hammer

Please let our team know which billboard poster size you require and we will be able to offer you details on costs and prices for the posters of your choice.

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Billboard Advertising Sizes in Abinger Hammer

You will find that billboard advertising sizes in Abinger Hammer RH5 6 vary and there are lots of options to consider when looking to undertake this form of outdoor advertising. The most popular billboards across the UK are generally 6 sheet, 48 sheet and 96 sheets sizes; however there are a number of other sizes including 4 sheet posters, 12 sheets, 32 sheets and 64 sheets for you to consider. 

With so many sizes to choose from it can be difficult and daunting to decide which is the best for your individual campaign however our expert team can offer specialist advice and information based on what you are looking to achieve. In most instances what you are looking to promote (e.g. a product, service, company) will help to determine which are the most effective billboards for your campaign.

For more information on billboard advertising sizes, please complete the enquiry form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the Size of a Billboard?

We get asked this quite a lot but the truth is there isn’t a set size for billboards. Our size guideline below outlines the various sizes available for standard campaigns. The typical smallest size available across the UK are known as 4 sheet posters and the largest 96 sheets -  - but there are options in between. The most popular ae 48 sheets, which are typically the large poster sites seen at key roadside locations.

Billboard Dimensions

Please find below the different billboard sizes for you to consider:

Billboard SizesWidth (mm)Height (mm)Width (inches)Height (inches)
4 Sheet Poster Sizes 1016 1524 40 60
6 Sheet Poster Size 1200 1800 47.24 70.87
12 Sheet Posters Sizes 3048 1524 120 60
16 Sheet Poster Size 2032 3048 80 120
32 Sheet Poster Sizes 4064 3048 160 120
48 Sheets Poster Size 6096 3048 240 120
64 Sheets Billboard Sizes 8128 3048 320 120
96 Sheet Billboard Size 12192 3048 480 120

Once you have decided which of these sizes suit you best contact us and let us know where in the UK you are looking for them, we will then come back with some options, costs and dates for you to consider.

You should note that “run dates” (the length of time the poster is up for) for a standard campaign is normally 2 weeks. It’s also worth noting that the best locations tend to get booked up months ahead. Planning your outdoor campaigns ahead is therefore key to get you the sites, and ultimately the results, you desire.

Alternatively if you are unsure about what you want to go for in terms of size of billboard just let us know your budget and target area and we can put together a plan for you to consider. With an in-house team of professional and experienced media buyers and planners, who have existing relationships in place with both independent and well-known outdoor media suppliers, we can offer advice to help set up the campaign in Abinger Hammer we think would generate the best results for you. As Billboard Advertising isn’t wedded to one supplier, this also means we offer balanced views and opinions on what is right for you.

Billboard Marketing Costs 

The billboard marketing costs will vary greatly depend upon a number of factors, namely:

Size of the advert – generally the larger the poster, the more expensive they are. So a 96 sheet is more expensive than a smaller 4 sheet.

Location – areas with high-footfall and traffic such as busy roads, shopping centres etc are more expensive. This is because more people are likely to see you poster.

Time of year – Christmas, Easter and key dates – mother’s day etc are often busier and therefore more expensive.

Length of campaign – the longer the campaign runs, the more expensive.

For more information on billboard costs and the factors which effect these please  go to this page -

Billboard Poster Printing

As well as designing and booking billboards we can also arrange printing for various posters. Often on booking larger sites – such as 48 sheets and 96 sheets - you will find that production (printing) is included within this. For smaller campaigns – 4 and 6 sheets – you sometime have to print your own posters and supply these to be put up. We can cater for both these options.

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