6 Sheet Billboard Adverts in Oxenholme

6 Sheet Billboard Adverts in Oxenholme

If you are interested in finding out more about 6 sheet dimensions and sizes, we can offer more information, as well as examples of 6 sheet poster campaigns in your local area.

Six Sheet Marketing Billboards in Oxenholme

Six Sheet Marketing Billboards in Oxenholme

You can choose from a number of billboard sizes when booking an outdoor campaign, the classic 6 sheet poster size is popular with many advertisers.

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6 Sheet Posters in Oxenholme

Billboards come in various sizes and 6 sheet posters are very popular in Oxenholme LA9 7 and generally across the UK with businsees and advertisers finding both their size and costs appealing.

6 sheet billboards are an industry term for a poster that measures 1.2m by 1.8m.

They are generally portrait and can be posted in a number of ways. The most popular locations and uses of 6 sheet posters include bus stops (sometimes known as Adshel or Adshel Live), train stations, shopping centres and underground stations.

If you are interested in finding out more information about 6 sheet adverts, 6 sheet dimensions (include safe and bleed areas) or booking a 6 sheet billboard marketing campaign with us, please complete our contact box and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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6 Sheet Poster Benefits

The 6 sheet poster size is an ideal size to advertise a range of different products and services in your surrounding area.

6 sheets are generally affordable as their costs are lower than larger billboard sites and they are therefore a popular choice with a wide range of companies we work with including restaurants, gyms, local attractions, films, theatre shows and local shops.

Most advertisers tend to buy a bundle of 6 sheet sites so they there have an increased opportunity to be see in particular areas.

6 Sheet Poster Size & 6 Sheet Dimensions

They are pretty large in format (47.24'' x 70.87'') which means you can carry a decent amount of information on them and they can be produced as:

  • Pure print
  • Backlit
  • Digital adverts

Depending on your budget, location and availability. 

6 sheet adverts are a very versatile and cost effective form of billboard advertising; one of the most popular selections made by our clients at Billboard Advertising UK.

If you are looking to book an outdoor 6 sheet campaign in Oxenholme we can help to advise of what are the most suitable sites for your company, service or product based on what your business aims are.

6 Sheets Poster Sites Near Me

You will probably see 6 sheet poster advertising everyday in your local area without perhaps releasing that this is actual industry term for them.

For example, a bus stop poster (Adshels and Ahshell Live) are most typically 6 sheet in size (standard size - 1.2m x 1.8m).  

They are also often used on phone boxes - http://www.billboardadvertising.org.uk/outdoor/phone-box/cumbria/oxenholme/ - and are great at attracting the attention of potential customers.

They are also often found at roadsides (http://www.billboardadvertising.org.uk/outdoor/roadsidecumbria/oxenholme/) and in city and town centres (particularly shopping areas) with a high density of people.   

Here at Billboard Advertising whatever your budget is and whatever you may be promoting, we can choose the best outdoor marketing plan so you can maximise sales through this popular type of outdoor poster campaign.

Six Sheet Advertising in Oxenholme

We will produce and prepare marketing campaigns for your six sheet adverts wherever you want these. 

As independent marketers we believe that in order to get the most from advertising campaigns it's best to use imaginative adverts and approach each campaign with fresh eyes.

Creative campaigns can give you “stand out” and make your target market more likely to buy your products, as they are more likely to notice your ad. As industry leaders, we'll be here to produce new advertising angles which are unique to a brand.

Popular 6 Sheet Locations

Typically 6 sheet campaigns can be spotted bu potential customers and run typically in the following locations: 

Whichever location and type of campaign you'd like to go for, here at Billboard Advertising we have years of experience in booking these campaigns in order to increase exposure for brands, generate more sales or just increase public awareness surrounding a brand, product or service.

Drop us a message today and simply tell us a bit more about you (your business aims and ambitions) and what you are looking for, we'll then give you a call to discuss them in more detail. Once we have that information we will put together an effective plan for you to consider. 

6 Sheet Advertising Costs

The price of this popular form of out of home advertising will depend on a number of factors; like any type of marketing, there is not a set cost. 

Some of the factors you will need to consider and that will affect the cost of your ourdoor campaign will include:

  • National or Local outdoor campaigns - are you going to advertise on a national or local scale? Generally a national marketing campaign will cost more than a local campaign
  • Print or Digital adverts - you can choose between a printed poster, back illuminated poster or digital poster? Electronic posters and Adshel Live screens tend to cost more than standard print billboards and ordinary Adshel posters as exposure can be greater. 
  • Location – where is the billboard going to be? Billboards in high-footfall people (where more are) are more expensive than quieter locations. 

For more in-depth information about the costs of UK billboards visit the following page - http://www.billboardadvertising.org.uk/costs/cumbria/oxenholme/ - or simply drop us a message and will send over FREE quotes. 

Other Advertising Poster Campaigns

For those who are unsure on the best ways to promote your services and what size of advertising poster you should opt for, our media planners will help you select the right campaigns in locations which will work for you hit your target market.

At Billboard Advertising we will help you develop a business promotional campaign at great rates.

This means most of the hard work is done by our team.

As well as 6s, we can purchase a full range of billboard promotional posters. For more information about the sizes we have available, please read here - http://www.billboardadvertising.org.uk/size/all-sizescumbria/oxenholme/

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At Billboard Advertising UK we are a market leader in outdoor advertising and believe that 6 sheet adverts are a great way to appeal to various target markets whilst offering great value for money and importantly achieveing results.

Here at Billboard Advertising we look at statistics and data on a daily basis to enables us to enhance our marketing strategies to acquire optimum publicity and exposure, this in turn producing a great return on investment and increased sales for you business.

For more information and FREE quotes on 6 sheet posters in Oxenholme LA9 7 please contact our team using the enquiry form provided.

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